Quinn comes from a long line of betrayed women. In fact, her father is the culprit who broke her mother's heart, then abandoned the family. While visiting him one weekend, Quinn notices that her father has an interesting collection of artifacts. Upon closer examination, she discovers that each of her father's prized possessions actually belongs to ex-lovers, which he stole. Determined to find the truth about her father, she enlists the help of her half sister to find these women, return their possessions, and learn their stories of what went wrong.

Although Caletti's storytelling ability is flawless, the plotline is boring and cliche. I got really tired of the "he done me wrong" theme that permeated throughout the entire novel with no real solution - and the list on the refrigerator doesn't count. I will say that the story became more engaging once Jake came into the picture - several places made me laugh - but it wasn't until I was 200 pages into the novel, which was too little too late.

"Because when you turn a short span of time into a "season," you create an echo chamber for all of its associations." - Dash

While perusing the shelves of New York City's The Strand, Dash comes across an innocent-looking, red moleskin, challenging him to a series of dares...Because he's curious and has nothing to lose, Dash accepts the challenge, and creates some of his own for its author, Lily. As they lead each other on random dares, Dash and Lily learn each others' hopes, secrets, and fears, and have to decide if they want to meet and risk losing the magic of the moleskin.

I really liked the character of Dash; he was witty, sarcastic, and multidimensional. I found his sections interesting and wished they wouldn't end. Unfortunately, I wasn't so excited about Lily. To me, she was too stereotypical (i.e. overprotective family, never had a "real" kiss, and a goody-two-shoes-wanting-to-be-bad) and bland.

Overall, this was a cute story about two teenagers who found friendship (and a little bit more) during a holiday season that started out not so promising.